Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bentley and Cace's First Days of School

 My big boy Bentley. His first day of Kindergarten at Plain City Elementary was August 27, 2013. He was a good sport and posed for us on the front porch. I love him and I am so proud of how big of a boy he has become. He had such a blast shopping for all of his school supplies, picking out his backpack....but I think I was more excited then him with picking out the school clothes and being pumped for his first day. =)

This is his friend and our neighbor Molly

Janey didn't want to be left out of the action!!

Jada was not having the picture taking!! So Bryce took this photo =)
Getting off the bus (after a 30 minute ride) they were happy as clams just getting ready to go into their first day!!

Best Buddies!!

 This is the cubby where his pencil box goes - he's looking for his =) All of the kids were just so amazing. They just walked in, put their backpacks up, found where their pencil boxes belonged, and then sat in their seats where their names were. It was quiet and they were all just waiting for the day to start - it was amazing!!

I wanted to take a picture of their bus stickers!

This is Cace on his first day of school, Wednesday, September 4, 2013!! Also taking the mandatory front porch picture!! His preschool is Reading Express Preschool.
I don't know who loves his backpack more - him or me!! I just think it is adorable

Don't you just want to eat this boy up!! So, so handsome!!

Giving Janey hugs!

 The next pictures are of the preschool. This house has it in the upstairs. It's really well set up and the kids think it's great!
Bentley is a tad jealous!

They were all waving these adorable flags on the front porch when we pulled up for them - so cute!! Cace is so lucky because he gets to go to school with 2 cousins and a best friend; Cambree, Will, and Grahm!!

A very fun and fast first day of school. No tears - the kids didn't even care that they were being dropped off. It was perfect!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Baskets!!

Look at these AWESOME new Easter baskets for the kids. I had the baskets and I kept looking at them thinking "I really need to do something with these". I was looking online at Pottery Barn Kids and decided to embark on creating my own version that didn't cost $60.00/each. So I provided the baskets, chose and bought the material and helped pick out the thread color for the embroidery - then I asked my amazing neighbor to help sew them. She did amazing - as usual!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

March - All About Janey!

It's been a while since our last post! So instead of trying to catch up - I'll just start today!

I finally put Janey in mom and dads gift from Samoa. It fits PERFECT!! She's so dang cute. I had to seclude her in places that made her stand still so that I could get a picture that wasn't blurry. =) Even then - they're still a little blurry - she never holds still!!

This is Bentley with his Easter basket with four eggs at preschool. He was able to color all of his eggs and glue them in his basket. They do activities like this every month and as the kids check off the skills or tasks, they get to color the egg. This month it was: 1. Writing his last name 2. Performing in the Talent Show (which they actually gave him because he missed it with pink eye) 3. Do a somersault 4. Recognize numbers 6-10
Speaking of pink eye - he's had it three times in 16 days - which means we never have actually gotten rid of it. So we went to instacare yesterday and they cultured his eye, throat, he has an ear infection and so they put him on erythromycin for his eye (local) and then a broad spectrum antibiotic. Poor kid!!

Look at this him!!

She looks drugged in this picture, but I just caught her right after a scowl....

It's still a little blurry because even on the fireplace she wouldn't stop bouncing!!
This is Cace's favorite thing to do - play games on the Kindle. He's obsessed. I found him this morning in the very back of my closet against the wall playing it.....big goof!

We also somehow accomplished getting family pictures and Janey's one years done. We won't get the family pictures until tomorrow (so I'll update the picture of the family tomorrow). But in the mean time, here's a quick glance at Janey. She's so dang cute and has the funnest personality. She is the best baby.

I just love this picture. She's so content and you see her beautiful big eyes!

This is the Janey we see all the time - the cheeser! Look at those TEETH!

I desperately wanted her to wear this hat in more pictures - but she hated it. However, this one turned out quite picturesque!! 

Beautiful angel!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Fun, adventurous tubing!! Karlie and Broch were with Christy's family. The boys really did a great job walking up the hills and had no fear with cruising down the hill with whatever type of sled they could get their hands on . It was tons of fun and I'm so happy to live near my sister so we can do these fun things together!! It would have been fun to join Justin's family tubing...but Janey was asleep at home with a sleeping Bryce so we didn't want to go too far!!

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