Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bentley and Cace's First Days of School

 My big boy Bentley. His first day of Kindergarten at Plain City Elementary was August 27, 2013. He was a good sport and posed for us on the front porch. I love him and I am so proud of how big of a boy he has become. He had such a blast shopping for all of his school supplies, picking out his backpack....but I think I was more excited then him with picking out the school clothes and being pumped for his first day. =)

This is his friend and our neighbor Molly

Janey didn't want to be left out of the action!!

Jada was not having the picture taking!! So Bryce took this photo =)
Getting off the bus (after a 30 minute ride) they were happy as clams just getting ready to go into their first day!!

Best Buddies!!

 This is the cubby where his pencil box goes - he's looking for his =) All of the kids were just so amazing. They just walked in, put their backpacks up, found where their pencil boxes belonged, and then sat in their seats where their names were. It was quiet and they were all just waiting for the day to start - it was amazing!!

I wanted to take a picture of their bus stickers!

This is Cace on his first day of school, Wednesday, September 4, 2013!! Also taking the mandatory front porch picture!! His preschool is Reading Express Preschool.
I don't know who loves his backpack more - him or me!! I just think it is adorable

Don't you just want to eat this boy up!! So, so handsome!!

Giving Janey hugs!

 The next pictures are of the preschool. This house has it in the upstairs. It's really well set up and the kids think it's great!
Bentley is a tad jealous!

They were all waving these adorable flags on the front porch when we pulled up for them - so cute!! Cace is so lucky because he gets to go to school with 2 cousins and a best friend; Cambree, Will, and Grahm!!

A very fun and fast first day of school. No tears - the kids didn't even care that they were being dropped off. It was perfect!

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These children must have great looking grandparents! They are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing.